Directors’ Remuneration – Justification & Transparency

Director remuneration has been closely scrutinised in recent times. Large pay packets can seem very out of place in a tight economy. This feature looks at the need for transparency and justification around how directors are being paid. It is important to be clear who deserves what and why.

The main parties watching the remuneration figures are the media, the public, and company shareholders. Our experts discuss the issue of accountability and look at changes in reporting systems. They give their opinions on the way remuneration packages are put together and how problems could be resolved.

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Business Crossing Borders

Taking business to a new country is not easy. This may be done as part of an expansion of a successful company, for instance one or two employees may be sent to represent the business abroad. It may be that a new company decides their business is best suited to a foreign market, or a merger may require business to be done across borders, or even oceans.

In an increasingly globalised society, business relationships are commonly formed with companies on the other side of the world. All this comes with an unfortunate amount of paperwork. In this briefing our experts discuss the difficulties of setting up abroad and why the UK law is invaluable to international business.

These videos are kindly provided by Inside Finance TV and channel partner Smith & Williamson.

The Customer Is King: Treat Customers Like Royalty

In this briefing, successful entrepreneurs like Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, and businesswoman Martha Lane Fox, give their business sales advice. According to award winning businessman Colin Stevens, the best business sales advice is to base every single decision around what is best for the customer.

Expert Business Sales Advice

Listen to your customer: Colin Stevens, Founder and Leader of Better bases his decisions around their effects on the customer. He will look at feedback from social media and other interfaces and will change processes and products accordingly. His business sales advice is to work your business model to suit customer needs. Better Bathrooms extended its exchange policy in order to offer customers more flexibility.

Treat customers as human beings: Bruce Dickinson, Airline Entrepreneur, says human beings are simple creatures. He says that beyond basic needs, all desires are about gratification. Therefore his business sales advice is to offer something that people want. He recognises that what people want from an airline is to get from A to B quickly with little fuss, and sees it as his job to facilitate this.

Understand that consumers are diverse: Martha Lane Fox, former UK Digital Champion, says that businesses are now able to be much more targeted and segmented about consumers. They can address particular customer profiles. Technology and website data is now allowing business to understand the complexity of customer behaviour. It has greatly changed Channel 4’s understanding of their viewers.

Connect on Social Media: Graeme Codrington, Futurist, TomorrowToday, believes that social media usage is driven by a human desire to connect. He says it is the best way in history to make a connection. The technology is the facilitator.

Offer alternatives to digital: Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director of Portland Design Associates, says that with the rise of connective digital technology it will become entirely normal to know where anyone is at any time. There are issues of privacy of course but there is also an opportunity for brands to offer people the intimate experiences they will inevitably crave to compensate for this digitalisation. His business sales advice is that some businesses should consider un-digitising.

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No fear – an entrepreneurial strategy for 2014

David Spencer-Percival was named Smith & Williamson Entrepreneur of the Year at the National Business Awards last year. He has a background in fashion but found his success in recruitment.

He teamed up with Sir Peter Ogden in 2010 to co-found Spencer Ogden. From offices in London and Aberdeen they began helping clients from all sectors of the energy industry find talented mid-senior level staff. They now have 12 offices worldwide. Their global view and cross sector approach meant that they could find the best talent, wherever it was. This large scale thinking paid off as the business has grown incredibly fast in the mere four years it has been running.

As an entrepreneurship strategy, it goes to show what recognising your own expertise can do. David previously co-founded recruitment company Huntress, experience of which has no doubt added to his success. Spencer Ogden has been recognised at the highest level, it recently won at The Queen’s Awards in the International Trade category. David is naturally confident and says that it is this lack of fear that helped him succeed. He followed his instinct to be an entrepreneur and was willing to take the risks to see it through.

David and three other experts offer their entrepreneurship strategy advice.

This is a guest post.  These videos are kindly provided by our strategic partner, and first appeared on Inside Finance TV.

Angels Den Funded Deal Wins At UKBAA Awards

Vicky Brock & Sally Goodsell

Vicky Brock & Sally Goodsell

The evening of the first day of the UKBAA Investment Summit kicked off with a bang with the black tie gala dinner and awards event with a champagne reception hosted by Asset Match.

Awards were nominated from a range of businesses, investors and intermediaries. All eight of Angels Den’s entries were shortlisted with Clear Returns going on to win the award for Best Women-Led Investment of the Year, selected by a leading panel of industry experts. Having already won an award earlier in the year for Innovator of the Year, Clear Returns’ CEO, Vicky Brock, was exuberant.

Vicky Brock, CEO of Clear Returns said: “I was delighted to win the award and I’m so glad that we are seeing more women entrepreneurs in technology based businesses. Angels Den was a great support in helping me raise the finance I needed”.

Clear Returns, a Glasgow-based technology company that helps retailers cut the cost of online returns through predictive analytics software, raised £160k through Angels Den last month.

CEO and Founder of Angels Den, Bill Morrow, said: “We were really pleased to see that all of our entries to the UKBAA Awards were shortlisted and it’s fantastic that Clear Returns have won yet another award”.

Angels Den’s Sally Goodsell was in attendance on the night and said: “The quality of the entries shortlisted and competition this year was just amazing, it must have been a real challenge for the judges to pick just one winner from each category. It was a proud moment when Clear Returns, who found funding through Angels Den, received their award”.