That Was The Week That Was …

Google is a company that is very difficult to keep up with. Not only do people have to keep on top of their search algorythm – which is the rock many web bussinesses are built upon. But it seems every single product they own seems to get a tweak every few months. Now we can’t expect every organisation to have the resources available that they do, but their recent changes to Google Alerts shows that every organisations should continue to strive for perfection – even us. We’ll keep any new developments for Angels Den hush for just now though.

You take the high road, I’ll take the low … Funding start-ups is for savvy people. Luckily we attract clued up Angel Investors, but how can we realistically expect those Angels registered with Angels Den to know everything about the market place they’re investing in? Of course not. But this still raises the question of what risks Angels should be aware of when investing in web comapanies? For instance, as an Angel would you want to know if the company you’re buying into trademarked domain names? Aarron Wall think so, Jason Calcanis appears to have no problem with it. Make your own mind up.

A few posts State-side made us smile. It all started with a post by Gigaom which states that over their 26% of Early Stage Web Investments are seed deals – fair enough. But it is the concept of “Super Angels” that changed my facial expression. This concept has been known to us for quite a while, however, we feel it important to differentiate between those with more mouth than trousers and those Angels that we have on board which have conducted themselves in a quitely effecient manner for some time. It’s our view that you should always be very sceptical of anyone that adds or welcomes the use of the adjective “super” when being described by others.

On another note our super illustrious leader Bill Morrow will be speaking, alongside the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithunia, at thge “High Tech Innovation & Investment: Local to Global” event organised by ICC Lithunia on 22nd June which aims to assist Lithuanian start-ups grow.

And with a complete change of gear … one of the companies that has recieved funding via Angels Den has uploading a video about their service. Watch Stephan Eyeson from Get Pro Basketball talk about how he started the company, what his plans are and how he got funding. To quote Stephan: “Angels Den is a great place to meet investors one on one”.

There was a nice report from Small Business that banks are still offering a raw deal to small businesses. This is one of the reasons that we’ve has seen strong growth over the past 18 months as debt finance just isn’t an option to many potentially great companies anymore. But it’s not just money people want. It’s advice, not only do we run free drop in-sessions (with some in London and Scotland have taken place this week and in taking place in Singapore next week) but we also giving advice and insights at big events such as the … Big Event.

Smarta wrote a nice blog post about what the predictions from the Department for Administrative Affairs Office of Budget Responsibility will mean for you. Is Osborne our new Darling? We need more than sweet nothings.

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