14 Reasons To Love Being An Entrepreneur

The thoughts of business gurus are two-a-penny. If you’ve decided to run with your business idea but are having doubts about making that leap of faith, here are 14 reasons why some “real”, “ordinary” people love being an entrepreneur:

  1. “I get to live my vision. The work I do is mine. I own the mistakes and I own the glory.” – Consultant Journal
  2. “Freedom, choice, risk and opportunity” – Adewale Aseyelu
  3. “Are you right brained? Left brained? I’m a little of both. Running my own business let’s me be creative AND analytical. It’s all about being balanced.” – Backporch Soap
  4. “you have the ability to do business with people you really like and trust.” – Jason Alba
  5. “There is always something new to learn, to experience, to create. No day is exactly like the last, and no project is like the last, either! Each is unique, fun, interesting and an adventure all on its own.” – Jessilicious
  6. “My schedule is my schedule. Oh well, it’s still endless hours and nights and weekends, but it’s my work for me on my time.  And when it is something I truly love, like this, it actually doesn’t feel like work.” – Mazur Consulting
  7. “the absolutely fascinating people I get to interact with on a daily basis” – Glo Bride
  8. “the autonomy and creativity. I get to determine how to spend my time and resources and it’s incredibly motivating to chart your own path.” – Adelaide Lancaster
  9. “set my own course and then be fully responsible for navigating to achieve my desired outcomes” – Tina Jones
  10. “being a part of this wonderful community of like-minded, driven people who are eager to help when asked” – My Man Matt
  11. “The challenges and victories experienced” – Sean Simone
  12. “he thrill and terror of being in charge of my own destiny” – JRingrisano
  13. “focus on creation” – Klas
  14. “the fact that I can channel all of my creativity, love, hard work and passion into something that I am proud of every single day. It is mine, it’s my own…and to top it all off, I get to share that work with the world which so often embraces it with loving arms. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing!” – Krista

And what do we love? We love the buzz and excitement of packed SpeedFunding events.

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