SpeedFunding in Singapore on Wednesday 4 May

Pitch your business to Angels in Singapore on Wednesday 4 May and you could have investment in the bank in seven weeks.  Book your place here or contact me, mikael@angelsden.com for more information.

Singapore SpeedFundingTM Location
The Standard Chartered Private Bank, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1, 32/F, Singapore

SpeedFunding event will include a training session where we will help you refine your pitch so you are saying what Angels want to hear.

SpeedFundingTM Format
15:00 Pitching School
17:00 Time to practice your pitch
17:20 Meet Angels as they arrive
17:30 Introduction from Angels Den
17:45 Individual pitching to Angels
19:30 Network and follow up with Angels
20:30 Close

Contact me, mikael@angelsden.com if you would like any more information or to have a no obligation chat about whether you are ready to pitch your business at Angels Den.

Kind regards


Mikael Nielsen
Singapore Regional Manager
Angels Den

Image © nlann. Category photo © tharendra

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